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Sunderland Area Developments - St Mary's Way, Vaux, New Wear Bridge etc
It seems that the upcoming realignment of St Mary's Way is already fetching some serious enquiries for imminent development on the adjacent Vaux site which is great news -

"As I've talked about before, the council has invested significantly in the Vaux site already through remedial work and the realignment of St Mary's Way, and this investment has already led to some serious enquiries from businesses looking for a city centre base, including some we're hopeful could come to fruition in the very near future."

=D that's great, hopefully when work is completed and last minute things being done, then people will look in to building on it
Latest from Sunderland Council -

We will continue to pursue the re-development of the above ground element of Sunderland Railway Station to enhance its appearance as a main gateway into the city. This will be undertaken in partnership with Nexus and Network Rail, with a view to works commencing during 2015/2016. Key activity during 2013/2014 will include site investigation works and the procurement of the construction work.

It better be impressive if it's going to take so long to get started! Tongue

I'd still prefer to have seen an integrated bus/metro/rail interchange on a part of the Holmeside Triangle though - (replacing Sunderland and Park Lane metro stations).
Know its got nothing to do with Buses etc but


The City Council today secured £2m from the Government's Coastal Communities Fund, which with £800,000 in Council match funding, will deliver further infrastructure works designed to pave the way for the long term development of the Ocean Park site and the seafront at Seaburn.

The City Council is currently seeking a development partner for the 7.37 hectare Ocean Park site which has been underused for a number of years and is also putting £800,000 of its own funding into the improvements at Seaburn as part of the scheme.

The £2.8m will support the delivery of essential infrastructure work, which in the long term will facilitate the comprehensive redevelopment of Ocean Park by a private sector developer, in line with the Seafront Regeneration Strategy and Seaburn Masterplan

The planned infrastructure improvements will include:
A second phase of promenade improvements
Improvements to Lowry Road behind Martinos to improve traffic flow
Environmental improvements to Cut Throat Dene to make it more attractive for wildlife and more of a natural play area in line with the Seaburn masterplan
Physical and environmental improvements to Whitburn Road including improved crossing points to improve the pedestrian environment, in line with views expressed during the 2009 seafront consultation

Great news, there's some designs on the page, would love to see the fairground redeveloped and opened
Haven't posted on here for a while so..

When does the work start on St Mary's Way for the new road layout, i looked on the first page with bidder annouced in Spring and work starting in summer... so my new question is... has any1 being found to do the work or will this be a delay, like normal?


When is the work finished on Fawcett street/Burton road etc, it all most seems done, there doing gas works atm and the new road layout seems better.
Just googled it and found this http://www.sunderlandecho.com/news/busin...-1-5332686

Not sure if there's any other developments

Edit: found this http://www.sunderland.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=6818
Cheers so its the summer its supost to start... Worst time.. Concerts at the stadium of light and the Sunderland airshow

Hopefully the new road will be done first then the old road will be shut or i can see it being a knightmare just like the wheatchef...
Yes, apparently the Summer it is...

I reckon there will be some sort of impact on all the summer's events.
Didnt know where to place it but Borough road has being completed just seen the number 10 stop at the bus stop thier.

Sure ive just read a sign for gas works on homeside from startbof next month... that will fun alright with st marys getting worked on..
A NEW “town” will be created with hundreds of jobs in a scheme reportedly worth more than £100m, after plans to build hundreds of homes along with a range of facilities were approved.

The huge investment by Esh Developments on land off Philadelphia Lane with see 630 homes built, along with a supermarket, petrol station, shops and a learning and enterprise centre.

There will also be improvements to listed buildings, including the former power station, and new roads, woodland, footpaths and cycle links.

Sunderland City Council’s planning and highways committee last night voted to allow the redevelopment of the Philadelphia depot and surrounding area, leading up to New Herrington.

source: http://www.sunderlandecho.com/news/busin...-1-5959100
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