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Sunderland Area Developments - St Mary's Way, Vaux, New Wear Bridge etc
Unsure where to put this but it is Sunderland specific and it could impact future developments in the area.

Sunderland's shrinking young population

Quote:[Image: http://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/660/cpsprod...udsley.jpg]Image captionPaige Audsley thinks her prospects in Sunderland are "pretty good"
Twenty five years after Sunderland became a city, there are plans to revive its fortunes with a bid to be UK City of Culture in 2021. But as statistics show just over 600 people aged 16-19 left the city last year, BBC News has been speaking to some young people to find out their hopes for the future.

"For me, Sunderland seems to be expanding and getting bigger and better," 17-year-old Paige Audsley, an apprentice painter and decorator, said.
"I'm proud of my job and what it means to the city. I came off site yesterday having painted a load of new homes, which are bringing new people into the city.
"We've had a new college built, the city centre is being transformed and, as a young person living in Sunderland, I think my prospects are pretty good".

Her view of her future in Sunderland is positive, but the statistics suggest there are challenges in terms of job prospects for young people in the city and the number of teenagers who are leaving.

[Image: http://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/624/cpsprod...814046.jpg]Image copyrightGETTY IMAGESImage captionSunderland became a city in 1992
According to data gathered by the Office for National Statistics just over 600 16 to 19-year-olds left Sunderland last year - more than double the average departure count of 246 for all 326 local authorities in England.

And with just 208 16-19 -year-olds arriving, Sunderland is now one of only five cities in England - along with Carlisle, Hull, Portsmouth and Stoke - where the number of residents aged 65 outnumber those aged 16.

In addition, the average unemployment rate for 16 to 19-years-olds in Sunderland has stood at 36% over the past three years, compared to 24% across the UK.

As a general rule of economics, cities with youthful and dynamic workforces tend to be richer and more prosperous places.
When compared to other cities across northern England, Sunderland economically has found itself lagging behind.

That picture is reflected in the concerns of 17-year-old Adam Gorzelanczyk.
"The whole economic picture of Sunderland is uncertain at the moment," he said.
"There are lots of jobs in retail, but little else. For most people my age the only thing that is keeping them here is their family".

[Image: http://ichef-1.bbci.co.uk/news/624/cpspr...2_adam.jpg]Image copyrightADAM GORZELANCZYKImage captionAdam Gorzelanczyk would like a career in social work
Adam dreams of having a career in social work, a sector traditionally funded through grants from local councils. But budget cuts have meant he and many others can no longer look to the public sector for employment.

"I now think of myself as a entrepreneur," Adam said. "I want to run my own youth project, but to achieve that dream I think I'm going to have to become self-employed.
"I'm proud of the city that I live in, but if I can't achieve my dream here I would consider leaving Sunderland."

The city's growth aspirations, however, do not lack for a want of effort.

There are investments being made in Sunderland that are worth more than £1.5bn and the city has launched a bid to become the UK's City of Culture in 2021.
There may be a steady flow of young people leaving, but the data also shows those who leave are not venturing very far - with Leeds, York and Middlesbrough among the most popular destinations.

Close enough to home, perhaps, to move back once Sunderland's revival is complete?

[Image: http://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/624/cpsprod...962476.jpg]Image copyrightGETTY IMAGESImage captionSunderland is bidding to be the UK's City of Culture in 2021
Throughout the week beginning 27 March BBC News will be telling the stories of young people in Sunderland online and on social media.
Update from the VAUX site:

This is from Sup.sup on the Skyscrapercity forum:

Mr John Seager, the Chief Executive of Siglion provided the Committee with a presentation on the plans for the former Vaux Brewery, Seaburn and Chapelgarth sites in the city.
In addition to the information which was included in the report and presentation, Mr Seager advised in respect of the former Vaux Brewery site that the number one task was to deliver a mixed use master plan and that in the first phase of the development the commercial building would be completed by May-June 2018. The proposed promontory feature or Launch was to be completed by May 2018 in time for the Tall Ships Races taking place in the city. Work was well on the way to delivering an extensive list of occupiers to go on the development at different stages.

In response to Members’ questions, Mr Seager advised that there was a mixture of interest from retailers and companies in respect of office space on the Vaux site. He was convinced that pre-lets would be in place towards the end of the year to occupy the building. Planning consent limited the height of the building to 7 maybe 8 stories. However a crucial factor was cost; taller buildings cost more and incurred additional costs in terms of the need for additional fire escapes etc. Another point to bear in mind was that they were creating an office market which did not already exist. They were dealing with tight building costs with an aspiration to make the buildings look good, however they needed to be at a price they could afford to rent them out. The buildings needed to be efficient to run and have lower service charges so that the rentals could be higher. There was firm interest in building number 1 and they were talking to people in the longer term in respect of buildings 2, 3 and 4.

Mr Seager advised that a paper would be reported to the Siglion Board in the near future to determine the square footage of building 2, for which there was an extensive interest list. The Council had 4 seats on the Board and was currently represented by Councillors P. Watson and Speding and the Chief Executive as the Council had a vacant seat. There were three potential occupiers for building 3 for which heads of terms were being discussed and would be on site by 2019. Once the first building was up, people would be able to see the tone of the design

IAMP – A giant advanced manufacturing park close to Nissan has been given the green light to move forward after securing £42million of government funding.

Architect sought to improve a landmark site in Sunderland

A landmark location in Sunderland city centre has been earmarked for improvement.

An architect and designer's being sought to modernise Jacky Whites Market.

The Council and Sunderland Business Improvement District, are looking to appoint someone to upgrade the indoor market inside the Bridges Shopping Centre.

They have a budget of 175 thousand pounds to upgrade the physical fabric of the venue.

Jacky Whites Market is a busy traditional indoor market which Sunderland City Council says it recognises it's in need of modernisation, including potentially improving access and permeability and enhance the overall presence of the market to provide an improved experience for traders and visitors.

A successful appointment will be required to undertake all necessary surveys and investigation work, prepare a draft concept design and budget costings.

It's hoped the work will include redecoration, installation of new heating at the entrances and exits, new internal lighting, visual improvements to the main entrance and ventilation.

The aim is to have someone appointed by next month (May 2017) with the new design concept submitted by for consideration by July and costs agreed by August, with work ready to begin by September 2017.
Joplings has changed from a hotel to Retail, student accommodation.

7/01201/FUL | Sub division of existing ground floor retail floor space into 3no. retail units (Use Class A1), with the conversion of the upper floors, including additional floor space to fourth floor, into 178no. student bed accommodation (Sui Generis) with external alterations. | Former Joplings John Street City Centre Sunderland SR1 1DP
End in sight for New Wear Crossing roadworks after two years

The road will have to be closed for about 11 nights to enable resurfacing works to be carried out. The overnight closures will begin on Monday, October 16, and are due to end on the morning of Friday, October 27, weather permitting. The overnight closures will operate as follows: Monday-Wednesday 8pm–6am; Thursday 9pm-6am; Friday 9pm-7am; Saturday 9pm– 8am, and Sunday 9pm-6am. A pedestrian route through the closure will be available at all times.

Later this year, a section of Timber Beach Road and Hylton Park Road, which runs through Sunderland Business Park, will be closed for three weeks to enable a new section of road, which will run under the bridge, to be connected to the existing road network. Dates for the closure have not been confirmed yet, but diversions will be in place, replacement bus services provided, and signs and information notices displayed well in advance.


This is going to be fun, getting to and from work!

Residents unhappy with bus only road plans.
'Illegitimis non carborundum'
Works for a dual carriageway and upgraded route into Sunderland city centre are moving forward after gaining planning approval. Sunderland City Council’s application for the Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor Phase (SSTC 3) was lodged earlier this year and last night given the go-ahead by the authority’s Planning and Highways Committee.

Initial preparation and ground works for the road could now start in the next six months before major works, which are set to start in 2019 and 2020. The SSTC 3 is the next stage in providing a continuous dual carriageway between the A19, the city centre and the Port of Sunderland.

The route would also help open up more development sites and opportunities on the River Wear’s south bank. It is planned from the southern bridgehead of the New Wear Crossing through Pallion, Deptford and linking into St Mary’s Boulevard, next to the Vaux site.

Councillor Mel Speding, the City Council’s Cabinet Secretary, said: “This council is committed to improving our city’s infrastructure and transport networks. By making improvements and investments to our city’s highways we attract investment, growth and create new jobs. “This is an important scheme for the city and this route can bring many traffic and regeneration benefits.” The SSTC3 route starts at its west end from the approach to the New Wear Crossing, taking traffic from there around the Pallion Shipyard site and under the end span of the Queen Alexandra Bridge.

Read more at: http://www.sunderlandecho.com/news/work-...-1-8822290
(22/06/2017, 19:14)Michael Wrote: Joplings has changed from a hotel to Retail, student accommodation.

7/01201/FUL | Sub division of existing ground floor retail floor space into 3no. retail units (Use Class A1), with the conversion of the upper floors, including additional floor space to fourth floor, into 178no. student bed accommodation (Sui Generis) with external alterations. | Former Joplings John Street City Centre Sunderland SR1 1DP

Looks like work has/is about to start on Joplings, the front and back are now fenced off.
New £750,000 restaurant and shop space aims to enhance Sunderland’s seafront buzz

A new £750,000 seafront project for Sunderland has been given the green light. The building - which could be used by a number of businesses, such as a restaurant, retail company or takeaway and which is expected to create at least 30 jobs - has been given the go-ahead for Roker seafront.

Read more at: http://www.sunderlandecho.com/news/new-7...-1-8825131