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(16/02/2017, 11:26)Mark1 Wrote: Has anyone tried the new Live Travel map on the Nexus website. Its a big improvement on its predecessor with the inclusion of real time departures on most services. However in classic Nexus style they make it unnecessarily difficult with for instance the terminus of GNE services 5 and 88 is East Street instead of the more simple South Shields Town Centre/ASDA.

Its an improvement hopefully real time Metro information will be made available soon
I like it and the bonus is, you can screenshot times - so you don't have to struggle loading the app in areas of poor reception or check again when you get to the stop.
Get what you mean about the terminus points. 
I think they need to develop that somehow.
'Illegitimis non carborundum'
They now have electronic timetables on Holmeside in Sunderland, i noticed one last night at my bus stop. (heading out of the town)
the live travel map also covers out of tyne and wear boundry, has live times for peterlee area aswell.
I'm in favour of Bus Bill 
Also out of the EU
Not sure where to put this so, if it's in the wrong area, please move it.

Bus lane cameras make £31m in a year for councils

The most lucrative bus lane in England is on the northbound section of John Dobson Street in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


hahahaha, well no the wonder, the roads in Newcastle are horrendous, most are one way!
What does everyone think of the new Nexus site?

It doesn't really affect me that much, I don't need to use it on a regular basis with not living in Tyne & Wear. Navigation doesn't appear to be any different, tad slower than what I remember though.
It's better. The news section was completely hidden on the old site. It's now on the homepage.
Shame they couldn't be bothered to update the bus station section maps, when they updated the site, but it does look a lot better.