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Just thought I would start a thread to see what peoples thoughts are about pricing across the region.

With the wide range of tickets, discounts and passes, are they structured fairly? Are they expensive or are they value for money?
Just had a quick look at the GNE facebook and twitter pages for prices and found out the following:

* Queen Elizabeth Hospital to Houghton Single = £3.95
* Queen Elizabeth Hospital to Shiney Row Single = £3.15
* Seaham to Hetton Return = £4.40
* Middlesbrough to Darlington Return = £4.10
* Houghton to Washington Return = £5.50
* Seaham to Peterlee Single w Key = £2.20

Can anyone see logic in those prices or is it just me that fails to see it?
They argue it is based on a staged structure rather than distance - so why are there less stages between Darlington and Middlesbrough than say Houghton and Washington or Hetton and Seaham?
Judging by those prices it's just as cheap to either by a Daysaver in those zones or a Day Ticket.

I do think some tickets are overpriced e.g. Red/Purple Day Ticket is £6.10 now I think, it becomes even more expensive when going into County Durham as you have the Price of your Day Ticket and a Standard Single at the Boundary. Unless you buy a 3 Zone+ Buzzfare ticket for £7.65.

I think GNE/Arriva/Stagecoach need to come together with Nexus and find a Solution and have a Reasonable set ticket price for Singles and Have just the one Day Ticket thats does all like the DayRover/Explorer but for a cheaper price, and scrap this zonal system we currently have.


Have a Price Freeze where operators once they put prices up are not allowed to increase them again in that financial year. Because GNE seem to up there prices everytime they buy new buses to cover the cost of Fuel etc. Myself Personally I Bike/Walk everywhere unless i'm going to Sunderland/Newcastle for example or if the Weather is quite bad.
We quite possibly have the most complex ticketing system in the whole of the UK. If I was an outsider looking in, I wouldn't have a clue what I needed to buy to get from A to B and back. Not to mention what happens if a bus operated by a different company turns up.

I don't know much about the Arriva or Stagecoach options up here, but having now looked on their websites, I'd say they offered the better commercial zonal ticket options up here. They both keep it simple, and it essentially means a day ticket is a day ticket - no confusion.

Go North East on the other hand; I think they had the right idea to begin with, but it's as if other options have just been glued on to the model they started with. To be honest, I was a fan of the old 'Go n Save' model. You could simply have a Tyne and Wear, Three Cities, or a Regionwide ticket.

I really dislike the Buzzfare system. The boundary drawings are nothing but a money squeezer - I can't see much other sense in them to be honest. For example, someone living in Washington and needing to travel to Chester Le Street and Shiney Row would need the same 3+ zone ticket that Boro, to Ashington, and across to Hexham.

On a more positive note, I think the town/city savers for shorter trips are quite good. I don't think they should be zonal though. The single/return fares however make little sense to me, and they confuse the life out of people. It makes no sense that getting from A to B costs more or less depending which bus you get on.
The fact they have a 20 odd page booklet to tell passengers about the range of tickets tells people all they need to know.

I have to agree with the other points about the old go n save tickets and the point made about a short journey between 3 corners of the buzzfare adjoining zones costing the same as a ticket to travel between the 3 furthest points of the GNE network.

However handy the town and city tickets are, passengers living just beyond those points or in one of the very few towns to not have one, are penalised and I am convinced the higher fares subsidise the lower fares to maintain profit.

I am no-way an expert in bus fare pricing systems, but I think the person/people in-charge of GNE's would have a hard job convincing an ordinary punter that the system works or is indeed fair.
Does anyone have any pricing information pre-2010? Specifically for Buzzfare, Go n Save, Get Around.
Aureolin -these prices are correct as of June 2008. Apologies for the poor quality photos. Hope this helps.

I knew the prices had gone up for day, week, 28 Day tickets etc, but hadnt realised how much in just a few years!

Just had a quick look at other GNE price queries on their twitter and facebook page for comparison to the initial ones from yesterday.

* Metrocentre to Eldon Square Daysaver = £3.40

* Herrington Board Inn to Easington Lane Single/Return = £1.95/£3.60

* Durham to Newcastle Day Return = £5.50

* Chowdene Bank, Low Fell to Gateshead for an adult single/day ticket and child day ticket with Pop Card/Get Around Card = £1.95/£3.60 and £1.10/£3.65 (yes, I have typed it correctly and yes, you have read it correctly - a childs ticket is dearer than an adults!)

* Annfield Plain to University Hospital Durham Day Return = £4.40

* Consett to Durham Single = £4.60

Completely forgot about a child being charged £3.15 single between Houghton and Chester at Easter too!

As I very rarely use other operators, can anyone else provide info on the Arriva or Stagecoach pricing structure for comparison?
(08/05/2013, 11:46)Andreos1 Wrote: * Herrington Board Inn to Easington Lane Single/Return = £1.95/£3.60

This is very strange considering the price of single between Barnes Park and Easington Lane on the X35 is £3.15. (Link: https://twitter.com/gonortheast/status/3...4502334464 )

On another note, I've found some information on Go and Save Prices circa 2004.

Also of note is this: the A2B Go and Save for people wanting to travel just one or two stops outside of the Tyne and Wear boundary zones.


**EDIT: Clicking on the link involves digging round the site to find what I'm referring to. Instead, I've included the information as it appears on the site in a block quote below.**

Quote:f you regulary travel a short distance between two stops, one of which is outside Tyne & Wear, you could be saving money with an A2B Go'n'Save Bus Card. This gives you 7 or 28 days unlimited travel between your chosen two points on Go North East buses all day, every day.

A2B Go'n'Save Bus Cards are calculated using adult single fares and are available where this fare is 50p or above. For 7 days unlimited travel you pay 81/2 times your adult single fare, and for 28 days, 30 times this fare. to find out how much you could be saving, have a look at the table below:

[Image: http://web.archive.org/web/2003101223181..._table.gif]

I was not aware this even existed until now!

The re-introduction of something similar to this would help passengers located on the edges of zonal boundaries.
Thats a great link - the fleet movements were interesting!
Some of the older vehicles like the Nationals and Metrobuses were being shifted on to new locations... It will have been about then the Rxxx LGH deckers came to replace the original Olympians and Metrobuses.

The site might help aureloin with his prices request from yesterday as well.

Re the Barnes Park/Board Inn to Easington Lane prices - I copied those prices earlier today from requests on the facebook group or their twitter feed (cant remember which one specifically that was from) and the Board Inn is a boundary point for the Sunderland City Zone, but I am not sure how GNE can justify such a big difference in price, for such a small section of route.

I will continue adding a range of fares as and when I come across them.

Edit: The price from Board Inn to Easington Lane was on Facebook (Rebecca Boyle requested it)