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(07/11/2017, 00:08)Ambassador Wrote: Until operators move (or are forced to move) away from their own zonal ticketing and onto a Network One (but affordable) type of ticket not much will change.

GNE are far more interested in flogging you a buzzfare than encourage any interworking but North Tyneside smart zone shows it’s affordable

Yep, you're quite right, but who can blame them in the market they're in? If they can have 100% of the profit a ticket generates vs a share, then they're going to go for 100% each time. It will take force imo, because it won't be voluntary. 

SmartZone seems popular, but very selective in terms of where it operates. You'd be stuck to a city or local authority area (or part thereof), rather than offering a modular option to add/remove zones.
(06/11/2017, 22:56)Tamesider Wrote: Only just come across this thread, and those rail fares are cheap even by GM standards. I also live where there is an element of competition, on a section of route of about 4 miles into Manchester Piccadilly:

(Return) Rail fare  is £4.70 peak; £3.60 off-peak. This of course, includes both Rail and Metrolink across the city centre. Off-peak seems to be based on a 0930 arrival time in Manchester, not departure time from originating station. The service runs approx every 30 minutes off-peak, with up to 5 trains an hour on a very haphazard peak timetable. Journey time is between 8 and 14 minutes dependant on how many stops. Punctuality varies, but at present is poor. Trains are Class 142 & 150, with the occasional 156. Loadings are heavy and increasing dramatically. Its an ATN franchise. This seems to be mainly due to additional employment and/or transferring from buses, as it has not halted the continuing growth in traffic congestion.
Just to put some stats on this; Excluding the two Signal failures and previous Strike - next one is tomorrow, of course - my morning journey is *averaging* 6.25 minutes late arriving in M'cr. The whole journey is scheduled as 30 mins, btw. My usual evening train is more punctual than those either side it in terms of Piccadilly departures, but tonight was typical in that an on time departure translated into 4 minutes late at my home Station - not good for a journey scheduled as just 11 minutes. I also forgot to menton that since I've been catching this journey regularly, it has been reduced from 4-cars to 2, albeit it doesn't overload to the extent of the one in front which has always been 2-car despite being flagged by TFGM as dangerously overloaded.