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A few more interesting examples of pricing:

Swalwell to Winlaton = £1.45 (single)
Swalwell to Whickham = £1.95 (single)

A return between Sunderland and Newcastle is priced at £5.50 on the 56 and £4.40 on the X3. A Metro DaySaver for this journey is also priced at £4.40 (All Zones) and is valid for travel on trains between Newcastle and Sunderland. (I wonder how much this fare is going to be on the X36?)

People usually assume that the Metro is going to be more expensive than the bus. As the above example shows this is not always the case. Sometimes it is even cheaper to travel by Metro. A return on the 27 between Hebburn and Newcastle is priced at £3.60; a two-zone day-saver between Hebburn and Newcastle is 10p cheaper at £3.50 and is valid for more than two journeys. I believe a similar example exists between Wallsend and North Shields.
What sort of world do we live in, if it is more expensive for a 1mile journey up a hill - than it is to travel a few miles down the road and then up another big hill?

It appears GNE arent the only operator who are confused with their pricing structure.
Found this blog a few minutes ago and the bloke was on about an adventure he had in the Lakes with Stagecoach
Cheers Brandon - that's really helpful.

The reason I was wanting the info is because I'm trying to build up something to show the rise in bus fares in the past 10 years, and compare that to the likes of CPI/RPI.
I wont post any other prices after this as I hopefully have conveyed how strange the pricing structure is - however if anyone has any other operators fares either through experience or other means, I would appreciate them being listed for comparison.

Also if anyone is aware of the zones GNE use to determine singles/returns it would be appreciated.

* Hamsterley Mill - Metrocentre Single = £3.15
* Sunderland - Durham Return = £5:50
* Stanley Bus Station - Causey Park Inn Single = £3.15

I may try and put together a spreadsheet conveying the prices and upload it here.
Newcastle to Sunderland single on the 56 is £3.95.

I've only had to use it once when my car was in the garage being repaired. I honestly don't know how people can afford to use the bus now at those prices!
This made me chuckle this morning:

Simplified prices eh? So simple it confuses everyone...
For comparison, use the price of fuel and wages.

When it comes down to public transport, whilst I would avoid the expense argument, I would say that we have a system that is too difficult to comprehend on the fly.

I would like to see a more local Metro+Bus day pass introduced. I don't need to travel to Sunderland on most days so I don't understand why I need to pay so much for an area pass. Why not introduce a £3/4 pass for half of Tyne and Wear? I think that the new smart card system will offer opportunities to cut the price of journeys by allowing selective demand management to be introduced particularly on the Metro where some counter peak journeys could be made cheaper for the pass holder.
I agree, ticketing does need simplifying. This document http://www.simplygo.com/download/publica...arch-2012/ demonstrates clearly the confusion caused by just one single operator. When you add other operators and Nexus to the picture, they put National Rail to shame.

However confusing ticketing options are, I still cannot see GNE being able to justify the bizarre prices they charge (as outlined above) or examples below.
Easington Lane - Houghton to Galleries return £5.50
Easington Lane - Houghton to Newcastle return £5.50
QE hospital to Shiney single £3.15
QE hospital to Houghton single £3.90
I hate zoning structure....

If I get the bus in Low Fell to a friends at Coach and Horses Birtley it costs £1.95 yet the ticket allows me to travel to North Lodge.

If I was going to North Lodge I'd be delighted but I'm not. Shorter journeys must make Go Ahead a fortune, especially on wet days like this when the walk to the pub may be a bit too wet.

Alas, if there's more than 2 of you, of which when I go out there is, it's cheaper to taxi.